Maiwe: New industrial grade isolated serial server

Maiwe Mport series product update.

In recent years, Ethernet/Internet networks have gradually been widely adopted in the automation industry, replacing traditional serial communication and becoming the mainstream of automation system communication. In various automation industries, there are thousands of sensors, detectors, computers, PLCs, card readers or other devices that need to be connected to each other to form a control network, and the most commonly used communication interface to connect these devices is RS -232 and RS-422/485 serial bus.

Under this trend, the mature open network technologies represented by TCP/IP and Ethernet are gradually being applied to various automation systems to connect and control all devices. For all equipment manufacturers and equipment users, seeking an economical and fast solution to enable existing equipment to be used immediately on the Internet has become an important topic for grasping competitive business opportunities.

The serial port server of Maiwe Mport series is exactly this kind of “Fast Networking” solution. It allows your traditional RS-232/422/485 equipment to be instantly converted into a network device with a network interface.

elmacon maiwe news mport series industrial grade isolated serial server 3101 3104 3102

After launching the Mport3101-I isolated single serial port server in September of 2020, it has successively launched the Mport3102-I/3104-I isolated twoports/four ports serial server. This series of products have 1 Ethernet port, 10/100Mbps rate, three-in-one multiple serial port flexible switching; industrial-grade design, andultra-high protection level. As a bridge connecting the central control system of the industrial Internet of Things and remote equipment, its role in the entire communication link is self-evident.

Maiwe Mport serial server products can be widely used in power automation, intelligent transportation, intelligent factories and mines, intelligent water supply, intelligent access control, intelligent fire protection and other industrial fields. In the future, Maiwe will develop more Industrial Internet of Things products.