Website relaunch. A new digital experience.

For this year, we have already implemented one of our New Year’s resolutions. We have given our website a new shine in order to offer you an informative platform and a digital experience.

We have therefore performed a restructuring, created a great amount of content, and optimized the visual appearance, to entirely present us as distributor and design-in support for electronic components.

So that you can find what you are looking for.

On our website you can find everything about the company ELMACON and its values, an insight on the products offered and the manufacturers we represent, sample applications our products can be a perfect fit for. Last but not least you can get an overview on our extensive services offered to our customers.

We would like to visualize an insight on the possibilities you can profit from by exploring / using our website:

You are looking for a product meeting your specific technical parameters, regardless of a specific manufacturer?

We invite you to have a look at our “Products” section, pre-selecting between our electroacoustics, passive components and Interconnect & Wireless components as a start. If you can’t find the product meeting your technical parameters, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find the right product for your application.

You want to get an impression / overview on a specific product group (e. g. inductors)?

Please have a look at our “Products” section, where you have the choice between our electroacoustics, passive components and Interconnect & Wireless components portfolio. Just click on the respective product group (e.g. inductors) and get an insight on our products offered, using the filter function. If you can’t find the product you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

You are looking for a product / a specific part number already pre-defined in your BOM list?

Just insert the product number in the search bar. If you can’t find this specific article number, do not hesitate to directly contact us by either using the Email or telephone button scrolling with the mouse wheel on the right side or our contact form.

You would like to see, whether ELMACON provides suitable products / which products ELMACON provides for your specific application or field of application?

Please have a look at our “Applications” section and select, which application refers best to your use case. There, you can find an excerpt of possible sub applications and the suitable product range ELMACON provides.

You would like to get an overview on which manufacturers we represent or you already have a favorite manufacturer and you want to know, whether he is also represented by ELMACON?

  • Therefore, please have a look at our “Manufacturers” section. In the menu, you can already see, which main manufacturers ELMACON presents. By clicking on one specific manufacturer, you can get an holistic overview on who the manufacturer is, what makes him special, how he is certified, and which products and services the manufacturer can offer.
  • If the manufacturer sounds suitable for you, you can directly follow the link to its product portfolio in the product section.
  • Please note, in the product section, some more manufacturers are listed with their products in the specific product category.

You want to gather background information on ELMACON whether the company meets your supplier demands. You want to get a thorough impression of ELMACON and its offers?

We have established an informative section called “About ELMACON”. There you can get an overview on what drives us (mission statement), our claim to sustainability, how ELMACON evolved (its history), who ELMACON consists of (ELMACON team) and who ELMACON is looking for (career).

You want to work for ELMACON?

Please feel free to explore our career opportunities in the “About ELMACON” section. If you cannot find the right position you are looking for, we invite you to send an unsolicited application.

In any case – if you have any question, feedback or a special demand etc. – do not hesitate to contact us!

Now, have fun exploring the possibilities of our new Website!