jb Capacitors: Superior quality of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors

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jb Capacitors provides a wide variety of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor options. Products with different operating temperatures, like 85’C, 105’C and also 125’C can be offered. Also, there are other types, such as low leakage, long impendence, bi-polar, long life assurance, and small size etc, suiting different applications. Common applications for SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be found amongst others in the fields of power supplies, LED lighting, power meters etc..

To meet different demands, for some items, jb Capacitors can also manufacture customized products. So if you cannot find the product you need, please still do not hesitate to contact us.

jb Capacitor’s range of SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors consists of the following products:

Product nameDescription
JCS2000H at 85°C
JCK1000H to 2000H at 105°C
JCC2000H at 105°C, low leakage
JCD2000H at 105°C, low impedance
JCE 3000H at 105°C, long life assurance
JCL5000H at 105°C
JCN1000H at 105°C, bi-polar
JCB2000H at 105°C, bi-polar
JCZ3000H at 105°C, extra lower impedance
JCV3000H at 105°C, long life assurance
JCA5000H at 105°C, long life assurance
JCH1000H to 2000H at 125°C, long life assurance
JCF3000H to 5000H at 105°C, super low impedance
JCT2000H to 3000H at 105C small size
JCX2000H to 5000H at 105C small size
JCY2000H at 105C small size
jb Capacitors SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors list
jb manufactures Superior Quality of SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor