ELMACON. Our Mission Statement.

The world is facing many and huge challenges: Growing world population, scarce resources, climate and demographic change, urbanisation, growing mobility needs / connectivity – just to name a few.

Topics such as digitalisation and networking, in particular IoT, Industry 4.0, intelligent controls, smart devices, virtual reality / augmented reality as well as renewable energy generation and efficient use, green technology, groundbreaking medical technologies and autonomous systems, among others, represent essential key answers.

Not only big corporations, but also small, new (start-ups) and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make an essential contribution to mastering these tasks.

Our vision in doing so:

To make a big difference with little things.

We are striving to be a europe-wide, well-known and established specialized distributor of well-defined electronic components, helping customers to achieve a big difference with little things, regardless of their company size and throughout the entire project lifecycle.

With our mission:

Connecting electronic markets.
We offer our customers access to services of excellent quality from carefully selected, specialized manufacturers in the market of electroacoustic, passive as well as electromechanical components. We help our customers from various industries with technical expertise, flexible logistics and attractive pricing, as a design-in supporter and distribution partner, to create their promising unique selling proposition.

our values guide us:

Focus and competence. Reliability. Agility & flexibility.

These values define our basic understanding with which we live our business and what makes us ELMACON GmbH. A trustful partnership with all our stakeholders is our top priority:

Everything is covered by our core value of partnership

Based on openness and transparency, we build sustainable, appreciative and trusting relationships – working with each other, not against one another.

With our manufacturers

We know the manufacturers we represent, their products, their support capabilities and we maintain long lasting relationships with them.

At ELMACON itself

Strengthening each individual performance potential and enjoying each day at work are our top priorities. Cordiality, freedom and appreciation are the focus and characterise the work at ELMACON.

With our clients

Although we have a broad customer base, we always aim to understand and implement the needs and special concerns of each individual customer. Taking advantage of market distress is NOT part of our business philosophy. We offer competitive cost structures, stable prices and the best possible service – even in difficult allocation phases.

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Focus and competence.
  • Yes, ELMACON GmbH is nobroadliner. We deliberately chose to focus on few but carefully selected manufacturers and to offer our customers specifically those products for which our manufacturers excel as champions.
  • As specialist for electronic components, we are happy to professionally consult you regarding products, applications and procurement/ logistics. As your contact person, we are available for any questions about design and demand.
  • As your distribution partner, we ensure a reliablesupply of electronic components dedicated to your needs, throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • We support you by supplying one piece or small quantities at the sampling stage to high volumes, to spare part volumes even after end of life, as well as with blanket orders, call-offs, and partial deliveries.
Agility & flexibility.
  • Yes, we are no big company – but that should not keep us from setting the world on fire. This is the very reason why we are able to anticipate, act and react in an agile manner.
  • Additionally, OEM’s and EMS service providers always have the option to be supplied – flexiblyaccording to their wishes- either from our ELMACON warehouse or directly by the manufacturers we represent. Of course, still under the support of ELMACON.