elmacon. our product selection from the field of electroacoustics.

With our electroacoustic range you benefit from a selection of electromagnetic and piezo buzzers / transducers as well as (miniature) loudspeakers. Also available are a selection of piezo elements, alarms / sirens and other acoustic components, such as mechanical buzzers, ultrasonic signallers, microphones, receivers. From our carefully selected manufacturers Unique Sound, Ningbo East, Esuntech, FHD, Fuding, Cre-Sound, Chinasound and Huisen. Get an impression of our portfolio below.

Do you already have a specific manufacturer in mind or would you like to get an impression of a manufacturer-specific product range? Here you will find an overview of our manufacturers and their products in the field of electroacoustics.

Product range via manufacturer.

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First-class electromagnetic acoustic signalling, sound transmitters and loudspeakers for your unique selling proposition.

Ningbo East

Manufacturer specialising in piezo acoustic products in particular for over 40 years, with a large variety of THT / pin and wire, but also SMD designs.