Our product range for the mobility sector.

Whether by air, rail, road or water – the mobility sector is characterised by technological progress and sustainable change. Towards new energy infrastructures, alternative drive technologies and new mobility concepts. The future promises much and we are getting in on the action – with our portfolio of electronic components and data communication solutions.

An excerpt of the areas of application in the field of mobility.

Our electronic components and data communication solutions are part of a wide range of products and systems. This includes subsystems, especially in the automotive sector (e.g. alternative drive systems, driver assistance systems, lighting systems, etc.), but also systems and subsystems of other forms of mobility (e.g. electric bicycles, drones, etc.). Systems as part of the vehicle or smart systems in the context of networking (e.g. EV charging management, smart traffic management,…).

Below you will find an excerpt of possible further applications within the field of mobility, where we can score with a suitable product portfolio of electroacoustic and passive components as well as from our Interconnect & Wireless division.

Subsystems (e.g. automotive)

  • Alternative drive systems
  • Power electronics (electronic / smart control units..)
  • Vehicle safety
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Lighting systems
  • Head-up displays
  • Infotainment & comfort systems

Systems for other forms of mobility

  • Hoverboards
  • Solar aircraft
  • Drones (UAV, UAS)
  • Electric bicycles / e-bikes
  • Solar bikes

Smart systems / networking

  • Driving Vehicle Intelligence
  • Traffic light control
  • EV charging management
  • Smart Traffic Management
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Intelligent railway

Products from the field of electroacoustics

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Products from the range
passive components

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Products from the Interconnect & Wireless division

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Other areas of application for our products.

POS & Handhelds

Industry & Renewable Energies

Security & Surveillance

Home Appliances & Smart Home


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