Our product range for the area of security / surveillance.

With its electronic components and data communication solutions, ELMACON makes an important contribution to safety and monitoring applications. Be it for surveillance / detection systems, identification / authentication systems, for detection systems, but also their networking. In the Smart City sector, for securing and monitoring railway stations, construction sites, public buildings, for securing high-rise buildings or even single-family homes.

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An excerpt of the areas of application in the field of security / surveillance.

Our products are part of thermal imaging cameras, RFID systems, smart locks or motion detectors, among others. But our components are also used in the field of camera connectivity or for monitoring tasks. 

In the following, you will find an excerpt of possible further applications within the area of security/surveillance, where we can score with a suitable product portfolio of electroacoustic and passive components as well as from our Interconnect & Wireless division.

Monitoring / Detection

  • Thermal imaging technology / thermal imaging cameras
  • LiDAR technology

Identification / Authentication

  • Identification systems (chip card systems..)
  • Gating
  • RFID systems
  • NFC, SIM, Chip-Systeme (Security Chips)
  • Smart locks
  • Access systems & access management


  • Doorbell systems
  • Motion detector
  • Intruder alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Gas detector
  • Smoke alarm
  • Emergency buttons

Smart systems / networking

  • Camera connectivity
  • (Central) monitoring / supervision

Products from the field of electroacoustics

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Products from the range
passive components

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Products from the Interconnect & Wireless division

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Other areas of application for our products.

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POS & Handhelds

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Industry & Renewable Energies

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Home Appliances & Smart Home

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