elmacon. Our product selection from the passive components section.

With our range of passive components, you benefit from a selection of inductors, transformers, magnetic products, thermistors (including NTC, PTC, PPTC), varistors, protective components (including overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection) and capacitors (including film, aluminium-elcocapacitors, tantalum and ceramic capacitors). From our carefully selected, specialist and experienced manufacturers Coilmaster Electronics, Thinking Electronics, SFI Electronics and jb Capacitors. Get an impression of our portfolio below.

Do you already have a specific manufacturer in mind or would you like to get an impression of a manufacturer-specific product range? Here you will find an overview of our manufacturers and their products in the field of passive components.

Product range via manufacturer.

Important manufacturer specialized in inductors, transformers and magnetic products with a comprehensive product range and many years of expertise.

Specialized benchmark manufacturer of high quality ceramic- and semiconductor-based SMD surge protection devices.