Thinking: TVBES Series: Plastic Encapsulated Type Varistor Saves Installation Space.

power supply testbild

THINKING Electronics, a circuit protective component manufacturer, introduces TVBES series, a plastic encapsulated type varistor. The component is with an EIA size of 6255, and its max. continuous voltage (Vac) ranges from 17V to 460V. Electrical performance of the component is equivalent to leaded type TVR14 series, but its height above PCB is 1/3 of that of TVR14 series. Therefore, TVBES series is more space saving than the previous-mentioned product.

For product design and structure, low profile design of the product makes it suitable for applications with limited installation space, including compact power supply and TV. In addition, its surface mounted structure is recommended for automatic insertion of customer’s production, and which helps increase customer’s production efficiency. For product material, the product uses flame-retardant encapsulation material as its case, and the material meets UL94-V0 standard. Because of that, end applications have higher level of user safety via adopting TVBES series.

In terms of soldering methods, TVBES series is feasible with both wave soldering and IR reflow soldering. Comparing with product with only one possible soldering method, the product provides customers more flexibility because of its two possible soldering methods. In others words, customers are able to switch between the two soldering methods in accordance with their allocation of production resources, and then reach their maximum production efficiency.

In addition, product safety are quiet important for both electronic components and end application products. Electronic components that are certified by agency approvals ensure user safety of end applications and help shorten the certification time of end application products. TVBES series is compliant with UL, cUL, TUV, and CQC. Compliance of those major agency approvals meets customers’ needs for agency approvals of protective components and assists customers in seizing their business opportunities in time.  

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